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We love crafting and optimizing responsive websites, creating and editing graphics, and designing games.
We turn difficult into easy. Serious monkey business.

Logo and Graphic Design

We design clean and modern company logos suitable for web and print.

Responsive Web Design

We use the Bootstrap framework to ensure your website looks great and works as it should on all devices and screen sizes.

Social Media Campaigns

Need help reaching people on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and other social media? We can help.

Search Engine Optimisation and Consulting

We will help your page to be discovered by the audiences you target.

Mobile Games

We also make games. Android now, other platforms soon to come.

Maintenance and Consulting

Do you have any problems that need solving? We have a monkey wrench for that. Metaphorically speaking. (Get it? Because there's "monkey" in the name)

Our Skills

HTML5 and CSS3


Search Engine Optimisation

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Game Development

Featured Works

Exceptional work. Stunning designs.

Examples of web development work, vector design projects and mobile games.
For full portfolio click here.


First Android, then the World!

We are developing 2D games for mobile devices using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Construct 2, and Intel XDK.
Swingy Angie start screen
Start screen
Swingy Angie

Start screen from the mobile game developed in Construct 2, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Swingy Angie - gameplay screenshot
Gameplay - normal
Swingy Angie

The player controls the Angie character, and the player changes the direction of the character by tapping the screen. The goal is to reach the top of the screen while avoiding the enemies.

Swingy Angie - winted update screenshot
Gameplay - winter update
Swingy Angie

The game is similar to Flappy Bird, but it is even more difficult to control the rapid, horizontal movements of the protagonist. If a player touches an obstacle, the game is over.

Pricing Guide

We offer comprehensive web services.


From £49

Image Editing  
Logo Design  
SEO - Search Engine Optimisation  

Web Development

From £149

Responsive Web Design  
Graphic Design and Branding  
Mobile Responsive  
Social Media Campaigns  

Our Team

We are a small team with passion for the Web!

The Web changes rapidly.
Web development is no longer limited to HTML and CSS,
that is why we stay up to date with new technologies that make the internet an ever changing, exciting place.
Piotr Nowakowski photo
  Piotr Nowakowski
Head Monkey

Design, Web Development, Analysis.
Everything from Photoshop and Illustrator, through HTML and CSS, to SEO and Analytics.

Bitmap & Vector portfolio: PowerPoint | PDF

Agnieszka Wątor photo
Agnieszka Wątor
Testing Monkey

Photography, Testing, Consulting.
Digital Photography, UX, UI and Usability Testing.

Muffin the cat photo
Productivity Manager

Eating, Sleeping, Playing.
Cat food sampling, responsive gravity experiments, random code creation.

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